What Player Statistics are available in FidGrit Sports Ladder?

Statistical study has never been more significant in sports than it is right now. Statistics make players cognizant and responsible for their needs as it enlightens them of what areas must be improved. The numbers and data do not lie, rather they give evidence of what is done well and not so well in matches, that’s why FidGrit puts a lot of importance on Player statistics.

How FidGrit Statistics work?

Behind the scene it can be as hard as rocket science but for players its actually very simple, all players need to do is track match score using FidGrit’s iOS, Web or Mobile Web application as game progress. When score is updated, FidGrit statistics algorithms kicks in and transfer set and match points into important statistics . That’s it!

What statistics are available in FidGrit Ladder?

Below are few of the statistics that are presently available with FidGrit sports ladder

Ladder Players Ranking

Current ladder ranking. Ladder ranking is updated in real-time with every match complete.

Players Ranking in Ladder
Players Ranking in Ladder

Leaders board

FidGrit offer following three different view for Leaders board.

  1. By highest ladder points
  2. By most matches won in the ladder
  3. By highest win %
Leaders who won most matches
Leaders who won most matches

Player ranking history

FidGrit takes weekly snapshot of ladder player ranking. Below chart shows how players rank moved over time in comparison to each other.

Players Ranking History
Players Ranking History

Player Head to Head Comparison

FidGrit keeps record of all the matches you ever played and how you performed against your opponent.

Head to Head
Head to Head

Ladder players overall match comparison

With just one view you can see how each player stands against others within ladder

Ladder Players Comparison
Ladder Players Comparison

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