How to Create Sports Ladder on FidGrit Platform?

FidGrit Ladder Sports

Sports Ladder offer a great setup to play your favorite sport with your favorite people in Round Robin session and FidGrit Ladder platform make it very simple to organize and manage it so you can just focus on … Sport! Here’s how you can get started

Select a Sport

Select a sports activity for your ladder to get started. At this moment, FidGrit support singles and doubles format for following sports

  • Tennis
  • Tennis Doubles
  • Table Tennis
  • Table Tennis Doubles
  • Badminton
  • Badminton Doubles
  • Racquetball
  • Racquetball doubles
  • Squash
  • Squash Doubles

Pick a profile name

Ladder profile name (@profile) exclusively identifies your Ladder across FidGrit platform. You can also use profile name to share your ladder with other players or on social media. Make sure to pick something that stands out.

Give basic information for your ladder

Select your ladder a name, player type, specify required player skill level, location where ladder matches will be played and ladder address. All these details will help players search your ladder on FidGrit and know more about it before sending Join request.

Specify your ladder rule

To run a successful Ladder, it’s very essential that you clearly indication ladder rules. Not having appropriate rules will not only bother player but can seriously impact their involvement.

Make sure to use About and Rules section to set these rules up front.

Review details and confirm

Review all the details and if everything looks good, hit confirm … Voila! Your ladder was created.

Spread the word so players can Join your ladder. To learn more about how players can join your ladder visit “FidGrit Sports Ladder – How to Manage Players?


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