FidGrit Sports Ladder – How to Manage Players?

As you start organizing various ladders and number of players participating in those ladders grow, administrative and player management tasks can go out of hand. FidGrit Ladder platform automate these aspects of player management so you can focus more on playing and less on organizing. Every FidGrit ladder comes with a powerful admin panel to help organizers automate these administrative tasks. Lets take a look how it works

Badminton Players
Badminton Players

How players can join Sports Ladder?

Players can send join request by visiting ladder home page. Every join request must be accepted by ladder admin so they can keep player type and skills consistent.

What happens when player join in the middle of a session?

If ladder’s current session is already scheduled and matches are in progress, player must wait for it to end before they can participate. They will automatically be RSVP’d to next session when current session ends.

What happens when player is unavailable?

After a session is created and before session matches are scheduled, FidGrit ladder allow admin to update player RSVP. If a player cannot make play, then Admin can update their RSVP and no matches will be scheduled with that player.

Player RSVP cannot be changed after matches are scheduled and session is in progress, if player is not available after scheduling matches then Admin has the option to Cancel or Forfeit the match and declare a winner. Player forfeiting the match will bear great loss in points and statistics and eventually in their Ladder ranking.

How to remove a player from Ladder?

If a reason emerges to remove player from Ladder, then Admin can visit Roster in Admin panel and remove player from Ladder. A player cannot be removed while a session is in progress.

How to collect member payments?

Before you start asking players to send join request to your ladder, you must decide whether ladder membership is free or players need to pay membership fee and share the expenses.

With FidGrit payment, you can setup onetime joining fees or recurring subscription payment plan and collect money online. Payment and dues reports are available online and you can also manage members subscriptions.


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