What are the issues with traditional sports ladder format and how FidGrit ladder solves them?

Badminton Doubles Ladder

Sports Ladder is a great way for local athletes to meet and play matches with other similarly skilled players at mutually convenient times. Players challenge each other and move up and down in the standing as they win or lose. It’s very similar to a League where players play for the number one spot, the only difference is, Ladder can go on for a long time.

Badminton Doubles Ladder
Badminton Doubles Ladder

Ladder tournaments are popular in sports like Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Racquetball. Ladder format makes these sports more engaging, competitive but it also has few shortcomings.

What are the issues with traditional ladder format?

As per Wikipedia, in traditional Sports Ladder system any player can confront a player above them and if lower-placed player wins the match, then the two players switch placed on the ladder. If the lower-placed player loses, then they may not confront the same person again without challenging someone else first. But this traditional system suffers from two problems

  1. Some players may make challenges more frequently than others and not all players may play the same number of matches
  2. Ranking at the end of the tournament (or after a sufficiently long time) may not necessarily reflect the actual rank of the players since it is not guaranteed that enough challenges, or the appropriate challenges, have been made

How FidGrit ladder solves these issues?

Unlike traditional sports Ladder, FidGrit Ladder arrange matches in continuously recurring Round Robin Sessions where every player must play against every other player within Ladder. FidGrit’s statistics algorithms keep track of every point and set within a match and converts this data into important statistics and player ranking.

FidGrit Sports Ladder Round Robin Format
FidGrit Sports Ladder Round Robin Format

This solves both problems with tradition ladder i.e.

  1. It assures that every player will play equal number of matches
  2. That player ranking at the end of the tournament will be based on points collected by that players within Ladder

FidGrit Ladder not only solves the problem with traditional Ladder format, but also provide an unmatched platform for ladder organizers to help with management, exclusivity, record-keeping, and player participation.

Just head over to “FidGrit Ladder – How it Works” to learn more about it.


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