FidGrit Sports Ladder – How it Works?

Sports Ladders are a type of competition where players play matches against each other and move up and down in the standing as they win or lose. It’s very similar to a sports league where players compete for the number one spot, the only difference is, Ladder competition can go on indefinitely. You may have been playing Ladders your entire life, FidGrit just made it more convenient a little more competitive. So, let’s see how a FidGrit Sports Ladder works

Join a sports ladder or create your own

Athletes can search and join nearby sports ladder in their community, or any player/organizer can create a Sports Ladder on FidGrit platform and open it for membership.

Recruit athletes

Manage Player RSVP for Ladder Session
Manage Player RSVP for Ladder Session

Players can send a request to join any Ladder on FidGrit sports platform, but the request must be accepted by Ladder Admin.

FidGrit supports both singles and doubles ladder, Singles Ladder can have 17 members with 1 spot reserved for admin and Doubles Ladder can have 33 members (1 spot reserved for admin). FidGrit is very flexible in managing players RSVP and before starting the session Admin can also choose to play or not in that session.

Manage teams in doubles ladder

Doubles Ladder Teams
Doubles Ladder Teams

In doubles ladder, you have the option to pair participants together. You can either manually select players to be in a team or randomly generate teams with one click.

Do not forget to choose name for every team so they can be easily identified.

Generate brackets and schedule matches

Once participants are finalized, next step is to generate Round Robin brackets and select match timings. You can either specify schedule date and time for individual match or assign same date and time for all matches in the round.

Manage Session Schedule
Manage Session Schedule

By default, all match players and ladder admin can track live score, or admin can choose a score keeper or match referee.

When session bracket looks good, go ahead and click on “schedule matches” button, FidGrit will create all matches and notify players about schedule.

Track score

FidGrit works with players flexible schedule and allow them to start the match early or later than schedule date and time. Once they are on the field, they can track score as match progress or enter all of it together after match concludes.

With every score update, FidGrit statistics algorithm kicks in and update player statistics in real time.

Keep track of Delays, Cancellation, and Forfeits

No matter how good you are in preparation, exceptions such as player’s absence or bad whether still may occur. FidGrit platform allows you to manage and track these exceptions.

You can mark a match Delayed or Cancel/Forfeit the match and declare a winner. Players will be notified, and statistics will be updated appropriately.

Complete session, declare winner, and repeat!

Player Ranking within Ladder
Player Ranking within Ladder

When last match of session is over, FidGrit will automatically complete the session, update player ranking and statistics, declare session winner and open next session for RSVP.


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