Sports Team or Sports Group?

Soccer Team

The combination of words “Sports” and “Team” goes as back in time as Sports itself. As per Wikipedia, the Dallas Cowboys are rated by Forbes as the world’s most valuable sports team at $4.2 billion USD, ever heard a sports group valued this much?

Then who coined the word Sports Group? And how is it different?

Let’s start with the definition – Group is a collection of individuals who coordinate their individual efforts. Team  is a group of people who share a common purpose.

A Sports Group can often be a ‘feel good’ organization built to encourage others to be active. Perhaps individuals want to lose weight, get fit, or play a sport once in a while.

Sports Teams, on the other hand, is a completely different ball game. Being part of a team you are part of a common goal, and to achieve that goal you have to trust your teammates, rely on them, count on them, and savor the journey with them.

Sports Group can help you make friends, but Sports Team help you build relations for life

Which one gets better participation?

When it comes to participation, sports groups can see large numbers of people joining but most of them hardly show up, and attendance keeps on dropping over time.

But in Sports Team, teammates rely on each other and as member you have a bigger role to play and bigger goal to achieve, so not showing up is just not an option.

Choosing the right platform

Given the difference so big, we cannot use same application to manage sports groups and sports teams. Sports group applications provide a more generic way of organizing events with ability to communicate, notify, setting up date time or location, and collect payment.

But a Sports Team management application, like FidGrit, must be able to capture the synergy of the team, go back in time and perform analysis so you can do better in future. It not just help you gather people but rather make you compete. It must keep track of sports specific statistics, analytics, score keeping, rules and validations. It must allow you to organize sports specific events like Single or Double Elimination and Round Robin events.

By joining a Sports Team you could completely change your life, and by using a right Sports Team Management Platform you can have a team so sublime that it becomes impossible to separate individuals from rest of the team.


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  1. Ja, die platin ist nur mit der us version möglich.


    1. Hi Lorrine, thanks for your comment.
      You can subscribe to premium services from outside US as well. Please let us know if you are facing any trouble in doing so.

      Team FidGrit


  2. Ꭲhis iѕ a tlpic which іs neaar to my heart… Cheers!
    Ԝhеre are уour conact details tһough?


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