5 Reasons Why You Should Manage Tennis Ladder on FidGrit

1.   Live Scorekeeping

Tennis Match

Players can either record match score after game concludes or track it live as match progress using their mobile device. Ladder admin can also assign a scorekeeper or referee for the match to update scoreboard. Live score is broadcasted to all the followers in real time.

FidGrit prevent users from entering invalid score and send notifications about delays and match results as matches conclude. Making ladder session and its matches publicly available let people see all the fun they are missing out on.

2.   Manage Doubles Teams

Manage Ladder Team

Doubles Ladders are obviously more popular than singles at most clubs, and the reason behind their popularity is to be able to team up with different players. However, managing teams over a period of time can be challenging.

FidGrit solves this problem with Ladder Team Management. Before scheduling matches for a session, admin has an opportunity to team up players. Admin can allow players to hook up and play with different partners and then rank everyone individually and as team. Admin can keep the teams same or shuffle with one click for subsequent sessions.

Not only does this take care of management problem, but allows people to get to meet new playing partners.  

3.   Automatic stats-keeping

Ladder Statistics – Leaders Board

As you track score, FidGrit statistics algorithms kicks in and update player, ladder team and ladder stats. The algorithm also keep track of forfeits, no shows, delays and cancelled matches penalizing players in points and giving chance to more serious players move forward. These statistics are also aggregated to player profile so he can see his performance on a zonal or global level. Here are few of the ladder stats available within FidGrit

  1. Player Head To Head
  2. Match Win%
  3. Set Win%
  4. Ladder Ranking
  5. Player ranking history

Statistics not just keep the ladder competitive but also help players to evaluate strengths and weaknesses so as to be able to set goals and objectives with a view to making improvements

4. Automatic session management

FidGrit Ladder Session

FidGrit schedule ladder matches as part of Round Robin sessions. When a session completes, FidGrit will declare a winner and will automatically create a new session so you can manage match schedule and player’s RSVP for next session. This keep administrative tasks to minimum so you can focus on what matters the most, the game!

5.   Powerful Admin Panel

Ladder Admin Panel – Manage Schedule

FidGrit Ladder comes with a powerful admin panel that allows you to manage every aspect of your ladder including

  1. Player RSVP: If a player is not going to play in a session, you can update his RSVP before even starting it and no match will be scheduled with him during the session.
  2. Roster: Most common reason why ladders fail is because stale players are allowed to stay in and take up spots. With Ladder Roster management you can drop inactive players and make space for new members.
  3. Match Schedule: You can specify date, time, scorekeeper, location and court# for each match so players have all the info.
  4. Payment: As admin, you can setup one time, or recurring subscription payment plan to charge administrative fees from members
  5. Ladder details: You can cover rules, ladder info and refund policy up front and make them available to members as part of ladder profile so there are no surprises for them.

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